17 March 2016

Empty Handed

“It was not the feeling of completeness I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty.” ~ Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated
I dreamt I was taking a trip to the Philippines.  I had left work with my friend, L, and we got on the train to head to the airport.  There was a pit-stop to eat at my work cafeteria.  We had to exit the train and leave our bags on the patches of grass outside of the building.  I remembered that I had two bags when I first boarded the train, but when I got off, I only had one.  I was upset I had lost one bag, so I told L to go ahead to the cafeteria and that I would catch up with her once I found my missing bag.  I backtracked on foot, while still carrying the one bag that I had left, and looked down on the patches of grass for my missing bag.  I could not find it, so I decided to head back to where the train originally dropped us off.  I was agitated that I lost my other bag, but was grateful anyway that at least I had the one bag.  My shoulders felt heavy though, and so I decided to put down the bag that I was carrying.  I was horrified to find out that the bag that I was carrying was not even my bag, but was instead a sort of backpack child seat.  I collapsed on the ground, crying for my two missing bags, and for the empty child seat.


  1. My friend Hoshi (blog link on my own page) had an almost identical dream. Have a think about what the baggage represents and whether your tears at their disappearance were of loss or relief. I can't comment on the baby seat

  2. The dream seems so simply symbolic...but they never really are simple, are they? Myself, I've been carrying others baggage for about 5 months now. I have to learn to put it down because unless I do, they'll never carry it themselves. PS Everything is Illuminated is one of my very most favorite movies of all time! ::hugs::


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