26 January 2010

Dear Bus Driver

We're like old friends, you and I. I ride your bus every night. I am friendly and respectful towards you, and I always thank you when I get off your bus. Every night, I wish you a good evening, despite the fact that you always seem to try to get away from me.

(source: Google Images)

Although I love riding your bus, I do have one request: Could you please, please, not screech off and leave behind a trail of dust whenever you see me running down 5th Avenue? I know you saw me running, because it appeared as though you stepped on the gas pedal as soon as you saw me. I swear on all things Holy that I will make it my business to be at the bus stop on time, but could you please not speed away when I'm only two seconds from the door? I don't expect you to wait for me, but you don't exactly have to pull out of the stop as though you're running from the police.


Your faithful passenger.


  1. Oh, does he really? Hope the bus driver gets to read your blog! :-)

  2. LOL...Bastard....you should bribe him with donuts!

  3. somebody on the bus should have been looking out for you, and yelled "whoa" to the bus driver. stop. stop.
    i would have done that for you.

  4. I always hated missing the bus when I was a little kid growing up on the rez. Every day was like being Forest Gump. "Can't sit here." How I loathed getting on last. I guess they have a schedule to keep. Maybe it was a substitute driving that day. :P

  5. Amen!

    I'd wait for you.


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