17 December 2008

Scrub Away

Things went wrong for me this past week. Very, very wrong.

It all came in a dramatic flourish. Remember my nightmares about the overflowing toilets? Well, it did come true. It didn't quite happen as dramatically as I had envisioned, but nonetheless, it did come true. The nightmare was a portend of what my life had come to signify: too much of nothing good.

So, I've since flushed away the proverbial crap, and I now have a fresh, clean bowl in which to dump all the negative forces that continue to assail me.

It's going to take quite a bit of work to clean up all the residue left behind, but I'm armed with some good cleanser and good, determined scrubbing abilities.

Life Lesson #3107: Always have a spare toilet.


  1. i love that you are determined.
    and you are right, if there isn't enough goodness or positive energy happening, then it's time to try something else.
    it's one thing to be "contentedly stuck" in a situation, but its quite unsatisfactory when you are unhappy.
    swing that scrub brush in the direction you need to go. no more bad dreams. find your happiness, nova-san.

  2. :-(
    If you'd like some help I'll bring my janitor gloves and industrial strength bleach. ;D

  3. i have an extra plunger?

    ~~~sending you hopeful and good vibrations!

  4. I´m leaving for the Christmas... Me and the kids are going to my parents place for the holiday.

  5. Sometimes, I myself enjoy cleaning for a day. You feel so much better afterwards. I wish you the best.

  6. Clean slate, I wonder where that expression originated.
    If I don't manage to stay in touch before the 24th, I am definitely wishing you a Merry Christmas!
    Now that the toilet is all scrubbed and clean, I know it will be a fine (clean) New Year as well.

  7. hmmmm...toxic. use anything toxic to scrub and flush the grime away. i am proud of you hun. sending you and baby g lots of love, warmth, happiness this holiday season. thanks again for your blog ;)xoxo

  8. the purpose of keeping a spare toilet is so you always have somewhere to go?

  9. uh oh! so glad to hear you survived the mess and are prepared to deal with any others. strong women can do anything!


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